BACT/ALERT 3D, the automated microbial detection system, adaptable to your routine

Blood Culture testing needs. Its high level of modularity smoothly fits into every lab

setting, matching your way of working.

Teamed with BACT/ALERT FAN PLUS MEDIA you only have 2 bottle types to manage* for both blood and sterile body fluids. They detect a wide range of bacteria and yeast. All BACT/ALERT 3D systems share the same time-proven technology, making them the most reliable partner for your laboratory



The fastest patient results. Delivered.

How fas is your blood culture solution?

Accurate : Control process for reliability

Rapid : Put time on the patient’s side

Automated : Streamline work, save time & costs

Customized : Fits your lab, your needs



is The mass spectrometry microbial identiflcation system that’s bacled by bioMerieux expertise.

With MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption lonization Time-of-Flight)

technology, it provides clear and accurate identification at the species, genus or

group level in minutes.


Vitek®2 compact

VITEK_ 2 technology represents a smarter way to automate ID/AST testing. It provides rapid,automatic, standardised validation of every test result with next generation expert software, the ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM

VITEK_ 2 is a unique system that uses a phenotypic expert system instead of commonly usedrules-based expert systems which are incapable of recognizing unusual results (i.e. mixedcultures) and new resistance phenotypes for which no rules exist. As a result, microbiologists

need to review every single result for rules-based systems, even the vast majority that do not trigger any rules



Previ Color gram automated gram stainer An ectra piece of the puzzle



MYLA is the next generration of micribiology middleware to help you increase visibiliyl over

your laboratory operations, integrate continuous improvement processes, and significantly reduce

time spent on non-value added tasks.



RAL STAINER is an easy-to-use automated staining unit. Compact and efficient, it is equipped

with an original radio frequency identification (RFID) system to eliminate protocol errors.

High-quality reproducible staining can be achieved through the combination of new RAL stains

and a robust reliable mechanism. RAL STAINER is the ideal flexible solution for laboratories to handle

their routine analyses.