Enzyme & Efficiency Tests

Enzyme & Efficiency Tests

Hygiena offers several simple and rapid food quality and safety tests based on enzyme detection. From Alkaline Phosphatase tests to verify milk pasteurization, acid phosphatase to verify thermal processes foods and raw meat residue on surfaces, and to determine total polar compounds in frying oil.

Alkaline Phosphatase Pasteurization Test

The ZymoSnap ALP and ZymoSnap ALP Positive Control Kit together offer a simple and effective method for established and monitor pasteurization efficiency in milk and milk-based products.

ZymoSnap | ALP

Measures alkaline phosphatase enzymes in milk and milk-based product to verify pasteurization efficiency.

ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit
The ZymoSnap Positive Control Kit is an essential tool for helping you set pass/fail RLU limited when establishing and monitoring your baselines for each milk type.

Cooking Efficiency Tests

Maintaining an optimal food preparation and cooking environment is essential to cooking efficiency, quality, and safety. Whether it be verifying food prep surfaces, thermal processes, or ensuring the integrity of frying oil.
An acid phosphatase test that verifies thermal-process meat and detects raw meat residue on surfaces.
Oleo Test
A colorimetric oil quality test that determines the total polar compounds in frying oil.

Other Tests

Hygiena offers a broad range of simple and rapid tests to ensure food quality and safety. Including a glucose and lactose surface residue test and flexible water quality tests that detect hardness, pH, nitrates, nitrites, and free chlorine.

SpotCheck Plus
A simple and rapid test that detects glucose and lactose on a surface.
5-in-1 Water Test
A simple, rapid, and semi-quantitative test device to detect water quality.
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