Sample Collection

Sample Collection

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Hygiena™ Sponge’n Bag is a biocide-free polyurethane & cellulose sponge, supplied in a sterile, leak-proof bag. It provides a simple and convenient way to collect samples from large surface areas.
Stick Sponge is a biocide-free polyurethane & cellulose sponge attached to a plastic handle and supplied in a sterile, leak-proof bag. Stick Sponge allows collection of a sample without directly handling the sponge, making it easier to reach into drains, pipes and around equipment.
Q-Swab is a ready-to-use sample collection and delivery device for environmental surface sampling.
TransPort Swab
The Transport Swab is ideal for collecting environmental samples where multiple tests require large media volumes. The pre-filled bottles come sterilized and with ample head space for additional sample.
QD-Loop device is an all-in-one, sterile, rapid system for accurate and convenient volumetric dilutions.
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