BAX® System PCR Testing

Proven Pioneer in Food Safety

The original creators of PCR technology provide two decades of reliable food safety testing with the largest breadth of validated matrices. BAX® continues to evolve to support food safety needs through simplified testing methods, specific and sensitive assays, and real-time PCR quantification.

  • Accurate results mean fewer re-tests, shorter storage time for products on hold, and less waste of truly safe food
  • Most validations world-wide available for PCR technology
  • World class application and research scientist supporting BAX PCR innovations
  • Pioneering Real-Time PCR Quantification, leading with BAX System SalQuant™

Same Powerful Technology, Two Convenient Options

Both systems are designed to minimize hands-on time to provide consistency and free technicians for other tasks. The software provides easy to read positive or negative results. Whether you’re looking for the power of DNA based pathogen detection in high-throughput solution for your laboratory, or want a smaller footprint, the Hygiena’s BAX® System can fit your needs.

BAX® System Q7

check boxblue 96-well

check boxblue High-throughput

check boxblue Real-Time Assays

check boxblue End-Point Assays

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