AbbottLink is "Real time" communication between Abbott and your m2000 instrumentation to improve laboratory operations and instrument productivity.

The platform maximizes instrument uptime leveraging real-time troubleshooting, remote transfer of instrument logs, and system monitoring, all while maintaining the highest level of patient privacy.

How does Abbottlink work?

  1. A connection is made between AbbottLink, your instruments and your network
  2. AbbottLink is connected to the Internet through your lab's existing network
  3. Data is encrypted and transferred at high-speed over the internet
  4. Information is monitored and accessed as needed
AbbottLink electronically transmits critical operational and administrative information from your instruments to our internal systems via a secure Internet connection. This secure, encrypted technology enables transfer of key logs, report generation, and remote troubleshooting.

How can Abbottlink work for me?

Remote Real-time Troubleshooting

AbbottLink can provide real time communication between instrument and m2000 system specialists. Abbott technicians can quickly locate maintenance information, software versioning, connected instrumentation, and access pertinent log files.

Log and file retrieval

Issue investigation files can be immediately accessed over AbbottLink. Remote diagnosis and enhanced troubleshooting tools provided by AbbottLink can greatly reduce down time and maximize instrument operation.

Network data store

Save time. Save money. No more floppies or CDs to transfer test orders between instruments. The AbbottLink PC can be configured to serve as your m2000 system's network data store. From sp to rt, test orders are seamlessly transferred over the high speed network that AbbottLink provides.